Job Search Update

Still looking for work…. Been unemployed for over a year and half now.  Its pretty sad when you get right down to it.  There just aren’t any jobs out there.  I’ve been applying my ass off, and I have a pretty tall stack of rejection letters to prove it.  Every one of them says they found someone more qualified.  The best one of all was from UMF.  The Institution that GAVE me my degree, won’t even hire me.  I wonder if I can get a refund on my college degree….

5 Responses to Job Search Update

  1. I know New Balance is hiring. They start at $11.50/hr, full time positions, and they have great benefits.

    You can’t tell me no one is hiring, I’ve had 4 different jobs in the past 2 years (although that may say something about the unstable nature of the economy lol).

  2. Then you’d love me, love me …

  3. aww come on wordhooker, one more repost so I can finish my song!!!

  4. 😥 just one more duplicate post, is that too much to ask?! hrmf

  5. okay… 13 at once! nice