Schoodic Lake Webcam

Sometime next week I’ll be installing the new Schoodic Lake Webcam.  I’ve got the camera, just waiting on the outdoor housing to get here.  This new camera is an Axis 211W, our first wireless webcam!

It will be on the south shore of Schoodic Lake, in Lake View Plantation, with a gorgeous view of the lake and Mt. Katahdin.  As with all the other TRC webcams, it will update every 5 seconds and archive every five minutes.

Should be an interesting install….  We’re putting the camera on a boathouse, and it will be right up over open water.  Just pray that we don’t drop the thing in the lake while we’re setting it up…  far too expensive for that.

2 Responses to Schoodic Lake Webcam

  1. You really should do this kind of webcam instead of that axis. You would have saved lots of money and get a much better picture. $120 for camera and $50 for software. Compare the shots. It wont stream live but can upload every 15 seconds and good enough for most people.
    click the picture and its true HD size and the axis looks terrable.

  2. Thanks for the input 🙂 We’re actually looking into several options for replacing the broken Milo Webcam. We do really like the sreaming though. The main reason we went with the AXIS cams was to avoid needing a computer to run the camera though.