Some days it doesn’t pay to get outta bed

Ridiculous.  That is today’s word.

Working on several computer projects, and ready to start pulling out my hair.  Trying to upgrade an old iMac to MacOS X 10.3, but ran into five gajillion stumbling blocks.  Can’t install 10.3 untill you upgrade to the latest firmware.  Can’t upgrade the firmware unless you are running MacOS 9.1  Its running 9.0.4.  So first, I had to go on an epic quest to find my 9.1 disc, as I haven’t had a need for it in oh what now, 6 years?  So I just upgraded to 9.1, attempting the firmware update now.  Wish me luck on the 10.3 install.

Second project, I need to convert a ton of Hi-8 video cassettes to DVDs.  I can do this fine, I have all the equipment.  Only one slight problem.  Craig seems to have run off with all the damn parts I need….  Kinda hard to hookup a camera to firewire when A. your firewire cable is missing, and B. your firewire CARD is apparently with the missing cable.