NOT a Happy Camper

Last week, our cell phone plan was running out of minutes. (My brother apparently talks on the phone too much).  So I went onto the Verizon App on my phone, to see what I could do about changing our minutes.  It had an option that for $10 more a month, we’d have unlimited minutes.  I checked this over 3 times, it said the ONLY change to our bill would be + $10 a month.

Skip to today.  The bill comes in my email.  Somehow, $10 magically turned into $130, but on top of that they never mentioned that they were going to pro-rate us for a month because we changed plans (NEVER ONCE WARNED ME OF THAT), and now the bill has gone from $161 to $484.  I’m NOT  a happy camper at ALL HERE.  I want to break things….

And the lovely lady I was talking to on their website chat, her name was Vashanda, disconnected on me cuz she didn’t like my tone.  Well, when i’m decieved into having my bill go up by $200 OF COURSE I’M NOT GOING TO BE TYPING IN A VERY HAPPY TONE.

I need to call up Verizon and see if i can get this fixed 🙁