I need a new game

I haven’t had a good game in a long time now.  I need one to get my mind off things…

In the past, I’ve always gone back to Civilization IV and SimCity 4, but to be quite honest, they’re evil games and suck the life right out of me.  I can sit down to play Civ IV, think I’ve been playing for like an hour, look up and 6 have gone by.  I just completely lose myself in that game.

At one point, I tried out Fallout 3, but it just completely overwhelmed me.  Its been too long since I’ve played a good RPG, and it was just too much to jump into.  I’m thinking of tackling Oblivion for a bit… been watching Aerock play it, and it looks really good.  My brother has recomended it to me before as well.

I keep trying to go back to Diablo 2, but it just frustrates me after awhile.  I prefer to be a Barbarian, but finishing Act 3 is virtually impossible by yourself as a barb 🙁  I need Diablo 3 to come out quicker… Or someone to pick me up a copy of StarCraft 2 😀

2 Responses to I need a new game

  1. I always loved SimCity 4. I use to play it a bit but I haven’t in awhile. I always thought it was one of the better Simcity’s. I also have Diablo 2, but haven’t really played it yet. What games have you got lately?

  2. Haven’t really had any good ones lately. Been on a non-gaming binge.