The Town Crier Project

A few months back, I started undertaking the immense project of scanning in all of the old Town Criers for the Milo Historical Society.  The Town Crier was Milo’s weekly newspaper from mid-1962 up to the late 1990’s (I believe).  When the editor passed away, the entire collection of papers was left to the Milo Historical Society.

So far, I have scanned in the half a year of 1962 and all of 1963.  I started in on 1964 today, scanned in the first issue, and realized that the next handfull were missing 🙁  I have issue 1, issue 8, issue 11, and then it skips to the mid-20’s.  I need to find some people who might have these missing copies kicking around in a closet somewhere…..

If you’d like to see the issues I have scanned in so far, visit the Town Crier page on the Historical Society website!

Interesting Tidbit:
Squaw Mountain in Greenville opened in January of 1964!  The Governor and several Senators were there.