My new Daily posts.

Im going to attempt to post 2 different threads per day, 1 is going to be “random facts from the book of nick”, and 2 is going to be “bad high kid dies story” I see some storys on the news about a kid who dies in the most retarded way possible and it turns out they are sometimes drunk, or most of the time they are high, and at times I get ideas that feel as tho they may belong on one of those bad news stories.

Random Fact-O-The Day, I once met and aided a protester / bum living under a park umbrella infront of the white house trying to get Neuclear weapons banned.

Bad “High kid dies” story, I was standing on top of a waterfall, one that I had decided to climb the face of. After this climb I sat for a few minutes then noticed that the waterfall had a rock about half way through right on the edge of the cliff and It looked as tho I could jump onto the rock in the middle then leap to the other side…I thought this through and decided against it fearing that I would end up a bad story on the news.