Daily Knowledge Bomb

Random Nick fact-  For my final project in History during my senior year of High School I thought up, designed, wrote all the lines for NPC’s, developed towns, dungeons, a story line and all that good stuff for a video game. I made this video game about Joan d’ Arc and about her troubles that she may have faced while going to warn about the incoming war zombies and ghosts and all…My teacher sat down to play this game and grade my project and died during the first encounter… apparently she had never played any video games before. I thought I was destined to fail but I got an A+…one of the very few this teacher gave out..she didnt believe in A+’s.

Bad “high kid dies” story- While driving in a car with a moon roof its pretty sweet to open it up and enjoy the breeze…at times one can start to think it would be a grand idea to hop right up on that roof and decide to car surf the pavement ocean. Doing this can land you on the news!