Daily Knowledge Bomb

Random Nick Fact- I have saved 2 peoples lives…yep take a moment and let that one sink in. While fishing asside a lake one day I was watching a boat zip around, inside there was a really old guy and a very young girl, im assuming his granddaughter. They took a turn too sharp and flipped the boat over, when I saw this I took a row boat out to them put the little girl in my boat, then helped the old man to safety. They were very greatful and I later learned that they were having a bit of a family reunion at their camp and their entire family saw me save them. Both were very poor swimers and the family was very greatful telling me that if I were not there they would have most likely lost both their family memebers. I was invited to join them in the BBQ they were having after we returned to shore.

Bad “high kid dies” story – While at the ocean one may see waves breaking wayyy off shore and one may want to swim to this magical sand bar in the distance…DONT DO IT, youll end up in a bad news story.