DictatorPig: Act I, Part 1

Started a new battle.net character last night. As always, he’s a barbarian. I know them best 🙂

This time I went with a ladder char though. I wanna get me the better items! I also discovered you can now reset your skill points just once. I think I’m gonna go dual axes till a higher level, then regroup 🙂

2 Responses to DictatorPig: Act I, Part 1

  1. Avatar Korialstrazs
    Korialstrazs says:

    You can re-spec 3 times, once per difficulty.

    Side note…why the fuck does it need my e-mail for me to leave a comment?

  2. I think cuz its the first time you commented? not sure… doesnt ask me for mine if i’m logged in lol