Ace has a new Home.

As i have been struggling for the last month to find a new place to live, for the school year i have encountered many interesting people and hung with some of the best for friends, i now have a stable roof over my head and are now heading into this school year with not only a side job, but also a real one on the one. I will be proud when i am bringin a paycheck to the back everyday. I also now have a stable internet connection that is not the best, but it will improve once i have a paycheck. Among other this going better for me now im also not single anymore, ill post all my adventures 3 times a week, so look for more comming from me.

2 Responses to Ace has a new Home.

  1. Congrats!! Where did you end up staying?

    • well its one place that i tried to get into, and now im finally here just like i thought i would be. Steves mom finaly let in and now i HAVE a place at least untill winter is over