Korialstrazs presents Rogues!

Welcome to the Rogue post, If you want to top deeps you will have rolled a rogue, now there are plenty of bad rogues out there and I’m here to help you NOT be one of them. When I stopped playing WoW my Rogue topped at 13,000 DPS and I was not full 251/264. Right before I quit I was messing around with Fist / Dagger (I loved the combo when Ulduar was the top raid) and I achieved a respectable 10-11000 DPS now most will point and laugh when they see a Fist weapon on a Rogue because they expect to see daggers or swords/axes but when you can pull over 10k and there stuck at 6 or 7 they shut up real quick. (10k may not be as impressive as it was now but for not even having full 251 I felt it was nice)

I have played my Rogue since 2005 and have experience both with PvP and PvE, any questions are welcome. This post is more about Raid DPS however. A link to my rogue is below.


This spec can easily provide high DPS even with sub-par gear, and is recommended for those who are just starting to raid.

When you start the encounter, you want to be in stealth, and your rotation should go, Garrote, Hunger for Blood, Slice and Dice, Mutilate, Envenom (quickly before SnD drops) now that you have both HfB and SnD up you just Mutilate till 4 or 5 CPs then Envenom and re-cast HfB BEFORE it runs out.

After getting your rotation started your 2nd envenom (your first will have been a quick 1 or 2CP hit to get SnD going) get to 5CPs and use “Cold Blood” and Envenom, using Cold Blood as soon as you can get a 4 or 5CP envenom after its off CD. When leaving stealth as mutilate you have “Overkill” (+30% energy regen for 20secs) when this 20 seconds is over, your rotation should be well underway so you wont have to worry about HfB and SnD for a few seconds, so as soon as you see the “Overkill” buff drop off, pool a bit of energy then “Vanish” and “Garrote” this will add a little extra bleed dmg AND it gives you 20 more seconds of +30% energy regen. Treat vanish as a cooldown using it when its up to get “Overkill” back.

For Mutilate your focus will be on AP. Your spec will give you 5-8% hit so you will only have to get 1 or 2% from gear, you should not have to gem for hit. Once hit capped the ideal gear will have AP/Crit/Haste as secondary stats. Armor Pen is bad for mutilate spec. You will also want to try and get 2 1.8 speed daggers, with SnD up your attack speed will be quick and you want to focus on getting 2 nice daggers with good top end damage for big Mutilate and Envenoms. (as mut my rogue very often hits 15K+ Envenoms with a nice slow MH dagger)

You can swap out 2 points from “Close Quarters Combat” and put them into “Opportunity” if you would like, I like the extra crit on ALL attacks more than the extra dmg done by ONE attack myself, also beacuse a larget percentage of your damage done will be white hits.

It is recommended to gear up a little more before trying combat beacuse it is a bit more gear dependent.

Combat unlike mutilate does not have a set “rotation” but it has more of a priority list. MOST IMPORTANT do not let SnD fall off. When starting encounters as Combat I do not bother with stealth. When the fight starts you should use Sinister Strike two or three times, now with energy missing use Killing Spree (you will do dmg and regen the energy) once killing spree is over use Blade Flurry then Adrenaline Rush, With AR going spam Sinister Strike till 5 CPs, Eviscerate, SSx5, SnD, SSx5 Evisc, and AR will probably fade about now. Continue to get 5CPs and SnD, then try and get 5CPs and Evisc, SnD > Evisc so if SnD is about to fall off use any CPs you have and keep it going. Use KS, BF, AR whenever they are up.

This is where I may seem like a crazy person but I do NOT go for armor pen as a combat rogue, you will actually get MORE DPS from Agi / haste. The gear from ICC however has AP/Crit/ArP as secondary stats, as does the T10. After getting the 2P T10 Bonus pick and choose ICC gear that has AP/Crit/Haste, gemming for AGI and AGI/Haste. I recommend the combat rogue spreadsheet off EJ to know exactly which gems to put where, and what gem bonus are worth getting.

This is pretty much the top spec at the moment for combat.

BOTH SPECS SHOULD GET 2P T10 AS QUICK AS THEY CAN, AND ADD ToTT INTO THEIR ROTATION. You can easily do this by making a macro. “/cast [target=focus] Tricks of the Trade” to be safe instead of typing ToTT shift+click it when making the macro and it will copy it from your spell book. Then just set a tank as your focus when you raid.