WoW Update

Sethen – Level 80 Tauren Warrior
Sethen is currently working on his skinning and mining.  Tonite i spent an hour or so doing some Brewfest stuff with him!

Agafnd – Level 48 Orc Warlock
Agafnd has been doing dungeon queues with Eric for awhile, but Eric being in a hurry to hit 80 has left me behind.  Working on some warlock class quests, and probably going to start questing in Un’Goro Crater.

Hipriesttim – Level 24 Undead Priest
I’ve been playing this toon exclusively with Eric lately.  We’re the perfect combo.  Healer priest, and tank paladin.  We get instant dungeon queues!

Milfspunker – Level 11 Troll Mage
Started playing this guy with Cory.. He’s got a paladin the same level.  Need to play more.

Sethvir – Level 55 Undead Death Knight
Just barely started this one.  Need to get back to him.  I think he’s just going to quests 🙂