Computer Situation

I really need a new computer… or at the very least an upgrade.  My laptop, a PowerBook G4, is 8 years old, and barely hanging on.  My desktop is a frankenstein’d Compaq, with a shitty processor, plenty of ram and HD space, and a kickass graphics card.  Processor is holding me back something fierce 🙁  Was hoping to find a cpu/motherboard combo to ask for for Christmas, but not having any luck at all finding one that will fit in my case….  And on top of that, my graphics card is AGP, and no new motherboards seem to have AGP 🙁  Which means i’ll need a new cpu, motherboard, case, and freakin graphics card.  Getting far too expensive 🙁

What I really need is to find a job so I can afford the payments on my new dream MacBook Pro…..

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  1. Avatar cousin emily
    cousin emily says:

    the situation seems dire. THREE frowny faces. oh my.

  2. Still no job?

    Is it a socketed processor? You could probably get an upgrade. Also, you should consider overclocking.

    But first, make sure it isn’t poor software issues (clogged up registry, fragmented harddrive etc – a “clean” install of windows xp pro for instance will frequently leave the drive 10-15% fragmented).

    Also, don’t worry about re-using your case. You can buy a case for less than $20 that will fit any board you’d think of getting. Or you can get a freebie dead computer in a standard ATX style full tower (if you need help on that one, give me a holler).

  3. Oh yeah, also, how much is “plenty of RAM”? Depending on your OS you should have a minimum of 2gb (Windows XP) or 4gb (Windows Vista and 7). Double either figure for real performance.

  4. I’ve got 2 Gb of ram.
    The motherboard i have is socketed, yes, BUT, i’ve got the best processor that goes in it. I looked into it. I currently have an AMD Sempron 3000+ 2.0 GHz. Theres like one model higher that will fit in my slot, but it wont give me any better performance.

    The biggest issue I have is my graphics card. I can find decent deals on cpus, motherboards and cheap cases, but my graphics card is AGP. i’m having a hard time finding a new motherboard with an AGP slot 🙁

  5. Sempron, ouch. That’s pretty old. You’d be better off with an overclocked Intel Atom. That’d be the cheapest way to go, plus low wattage = low electric bill and they are dual core, can get 2+ ghz of speed and have higher fsb ratings. If you get a machine with the Nvidia Ion graphics you’d be doing better than your current AGP card most likely. Or you could get one of the boxes with PCIe slots and get a real nice card.

    Also, I didn’t realize you had replied. I figured I would get an email alerting me.