Anger Release

Just went outside and yelled at the girl next door’s boyfriend.  She’s in HS, he’s a freshmen in college, and he’s there every night of the week it seems, as her mom is never home.  He’s a spoiled brat, has a brand new Toyota Tundra, and goes to school in Orono.  He’s always revving his damn engine at all hours of the night, squealing his tires, and just generally pissing the neighborhood off.

It felt good to go outside and yell at him.

3 Responses to Anger Release

  1. What did you yell at him? And did you use any old people terms like “tom-foolery,Horsing around, or motor carriage?” Did he pee down his leg a little?

  2. If you wanted to be really passive aggressive, you could tell him that you’ve seen other dudes hanging around his girlfriends house praying. Well, at least she does some praying since she’s always screaming “Oh God! Oh God!”

  3. Lol, if only I were that evil.