Lost Childhood Friends

I got to thinking tonight about some old friends and couldn’t get my mind off them.  Figured I’d write about them in here…  Its a bunch of close friends that just grew apart and/or moved away.  People I haven’t heard from in years…

Jody V.
Jody is one of the oldest friends I can remember. She grew up down the street from me.  I’ve got lots of pictures of us together as little kids.  My favorite one is the two of us sitting on my rocking horse.  In first grade, I kissed her, and we just grew apart after that… I carried a torch for her through till high school.  Not sure where she even is now adays.  I see posts from her on Facebook once in awhile.  Her mom even commented on my snowman the other day 🙂

Tommy G.
Tommy was my best friend growing up.  One of my earliest memories is from the Flood of ’87. His house was underwater, and he and his 2 brothers stayed a week at my house. I have this memory of waking up in the middle of the night beside him in bed and asking if he was still awake.  In high school, we used to ride our bikes around town tormenting the younger kids.  We grew apart in high school, and I haven’t really spoken to him in years.  He’s married now, and has a kid….  Not even sure what he’d think of the me i’ve turned out to be.

Danny W.
Danny lived a street over from me. We used to play basketball all the time.  In high school, his parents had him home-schooled.  I went over one day to see how he was doing, and they’d up and moved.  No trace of where they went…  He was a Jehovah’s Witness, and a few years later he came to the door and peddled his religion to Dad.  I’m still mad that Dad didn’t get a way to contact him for me….  No idea where he is now.

Jason L.
I’ll never forget one day at Jason’s.  His parents have a farm, and it was chicken killing day.  They really do run around quite awhile with their heads cut off.  Its also very messy.  He went away to boarding school for a few years, and kept in close touch with me.  When he came back, he got in with some other friends and just grew away.  Last I heard of him, he was living in a campground with his GF, but that was quite a few years back.  Not sure where he ended up…

Joe D.
I haven’t seen Joey since he was still going to college in Orono….  He’s a doctor now, happily married, and living far away somewhere.  Not sure why we grew apart… but I miss him from time to time.  Always wondering what great things he’s doing with his life.  Doubt he’d be very proud of the mess my life has ended up being.

Thats enough for now…. Think I’m gonna crawl into bed now.