The Election is Over

Today’s Daily Recap is brought to you by Voting.

I’m so happy that the election is over. No more ads on tv, in my email, in the mail, on the phone, or otherwise!  I’ve been watching the results online…  They still haven’t declared a governor.  But it looks like the Republicans took the House, and the Democrats held the Senate.  Should make for an insane political mess.  Lets check results one more time….  90 someodd precincts haven’t reported, and so far LePage is taking the lead.  This makes me sad.  I don’t really care who wins, but I really didn’t want him to win.  Lets call it the worst of several evils, if we must.

Anyways, I’m off to bed now.  As per my last post, it seems my facebook integration concept is finally working properly.  It should even import comments back and forth. So we’ll see.  I’m thinking of remaking my MySpace account again and seeing if I can hook it in the same way. Might do twitter too. hahaha.  Twitter is also built into my phone, so god only knows.  Anyone out there actually use Twitter?