Happy Thursday

Hooray for Thursdays!  I got an early christmas present today in the mail.  Mom ordered me a new pair of winter shoes.  The ones I was wearing were 2 years old, and lightweight summer shoes.  My feet were starting to freeze.  And my winter boots/shoes are 2 years old as well, and are so worn out they cut my feet 🙁  I’m a very happy camper now, and my feet haven’t felt so great in ages.

Also accomplished some updates on the Trask Insurance website, and helped them install a new wireless router.  I’m jealous!  They got the exact router I wish I had (if I wasn’t broke and jobless).  I’m going to be going back to help them switch out their old out-dated router with the shiny new one.

I watched the season finale of South Park tonight, and holy crap, it was hilarious.  They made fun of those shake-weight things you see on TV (which look hilarious to begin with), and they went WAY over the top.  Also turned Stan’s dad into a weird porn addict, but his porn was the Food Network. Very disturbing hahaha.

And now I’m off to sleep in nice fresh sheets 🙂