Weekend Update

Had a decently productive weekend.  Got the shed all decorated with christmas lights.  I know its a bit early, but its gonna snow this week.  Might as well get it done while its only freezing cold outside.

I can’t believe its almost Thanksgiving….  Honestly, where did the year go??  I guess my brother and his girlfriend and roommate are coming up for thanksgiving dinner.  Woot.

In other news, congratulations to Craig and Lora on the birth of their baby girl, Brooklyn.  I was proud when I saw a picture of Craig cutting the umbilical cord, I didn’t think he’d of had the stomach for that 🙂

I gotta try and get to sleep…. Lots and lots to do tomorrow. Need to keep myself busy….

One Response to Weekend Update

  1. I was just told of this post, and thank you for the congrats, it means alot to us, she is doing great…better then the airport i got a while ago which is refusing to let me forward a port.

    hope you had a great thanksgiving