‘Tis the Season

Starting yesterday, shortly after Thanksgiving Dinner, we started putting up Christmas Lights.  Got everything up outside, except for the lights in the big tree by the house.  We ran out of lights!  Dad seems to think it didn’t have enough last year, and it grew like another 3-4 feet.  Now its all snowy out, so we’re gonna have to wait a day or so to do that.

Today, Christmas came down out of the attic.  Mom and Dad have been squirreling things away all day.  Up and down the attic stairs, over and over again.  I’m kinda exhausted, some of that crap is heavy!  Its all down now, mostly put away.  Now the Christmas Tree is sitting in boxes in the living room, thats going to be tackled this evening after dinner.  Woot!

One Response to ‘Tis the Season

  1. Avatar Megan Gray
    Megan Gray says:

    I really LOVE christmas! Sucks about not having enough lights. We spent over an hour setting lights up around our house (they worked when we plugged them in before stringing them up…) and after we got them up and re-plugged them a huge section doesn’t work now. Congratulations on your successful decorating!