Friday Recap

Slept in today.  Felt kinda nice, actually fully rested.  Dad had to work, and got home around 4.  We then proceded to brave the crazy shoppers down in Bangor again, like last week.  We still had a few things to find for mom, and realized we had nothing to give the cats haha.  Bangor wasn’t too crowded or busy… Just some crazy drivers.  And we ran into the same relatives we ran into last week, just in a different store.

Got home, and played StarCraft with Eric most of the night.  In other news, Dad’s Photo-Slideshow-DVD project thing is finally working right!  I’m very proud, as he got it mostly figured out on his own, after I pointed him in the right direction with the proper software.  It looks really good!!

Not sure what’s going on this weekend.  Probably alot of relaxing.  I should finish up my Christmas Village too….  Its mostly done, just mad that I can’t find my make-shift lego santa.  Cory made me a new one, but he’s lacking a beard.  And I haven’t a clue where all the Lego people went… I need to find one of my multiple wizards to steal a beard from again haha.  Cory has most of the Lego’s down in Orono, but he says theres no wizard beards…. I may have to go on a scavenger hunt in the attic tomorrow.