Guilty until proven Innocent

Now I don’t wanna get off on a rant here…

But what is wrong with our society?  One of the teachers I worked with years ago in Jackman was arrested for child porn.  I read the newspaper articles online, and see all the nasty comments posted by people who don’t even know the man, and apparently can’t read.  The articles say over and over again, that he’s alleged to have this stuff.  No solid proof yet.  On top of that, In one sentence, they say he had child porn. In the next, they state he had pictures of his students.  They even clarify several times, that the pictures of students in his class aren’t the sexually explicit ones.  You’d think educated people could read enough to understand that, even when  it’s pointed out over and over.  But no…  These people have thrown him to the dogs, destroyed his career, and so on.  It’s just utterly ridiculous if you asked me!  Whatever happened to Innocent till proven Guilty??  If theres children involved, it immediately seems to become the other way around.  I just don’t get these people!  He was a teacher, of course he had pictures of his students.  Even when I was working there, at the end of each year he produced a photo album for all his kids of everything they’d done through the year.  There was nothing sexual about any of that all.  I just wish these people would learn to read, and give a man a chance before they say stuff like they have been.  How would any of them like it if they were accused of something they didn’t do and had this happen to them?  I’m not saying he’s innocent, I honestly have no idea.  But give the man a chance, people!

After everything that happened to me in Jackman, and the crap I was accused of, I’m not really surprised though.  That town is just evil, and there are certain people up there that will go out of their way to get rid of people, discredit them, and ruin their careers. I kinda feel sorry for the guy.  Back when I knew him, he seemed to be really nice, and he was a great teacher.

But thats just my opinion…. I could be wrong.