Ups & Downs

Been having lots of ups and downs lately…  Just can’t seem to shake it.  I wish I could stop thinking about the future so much, and where I’m going.  Would be so much easier to live day-to-day and now stress myself out over the bigger things in life.  Stuff just gets to me too easily.  I end up laying awake in bed at night staring at the ceiling… as my mind just WON’T STOP.  Gets annoying after awhile…  I keep trying and trying to focus myself, and block out all the thoughts.  Sometimes working on websites helps, but eventually I run out of stuff to do… Then I’m back where I started.  Getting excited over possibilities in the future that just end up getting me down.

I mean, I want to trust people, but its hard for me now. I’ve been hurt so many times, walked all over and what-not, that I have a hard time letting myself trust anyone, or get close to anyone.  Blah….  I’ve talked myself into not even knowing where I was going with this… I guess thats a sign its time for bed.  G’night…..

One Response to Ups & Downs

  1. …Tonight the frost is snapping the wood on the deck and it makes quite a racket. As if that’s not enough I seem to have my days and nights mixed up but I guess I’ll toddle off too.