Attempting a new outlook

Done alot of thinking the past few days…  Think I’m gonna take an attempt at a new outlook on life…  Gonna try to live each day, and not focus so much on the big things.. The big things are what get me down.  Life itself isn’t bad, but when you look at the whole picture, it tends to get depressing.

So far, today was a pretty a good day practicing this.  I’m more relaxed, not focusing on shit so much.  Only downside is my leg is still killing me…  Pinched my stupid sciatic nerve this weekend…  Legs been all messed up since.  I wish it would unpinch 🙁  Sitting in certain positions is pretty uncomfortable, as is transitioning to standing.  My left foot has been partially numb and tingly for 3 days now… which makes walking a VERY interesting sensation… I want it all to go away 🙁

In other news, yeah.  I don’t know what else is going on.  I need to do my tax return…  Money would be a pretty good thing, and hopefully work towards some new options for me.  I’m really starting to think of moving away somewhere.  Its not the greatest plan, but damnit, I’m 30, bored, and need a change in life.

6 Responses to Attempting a new outlook

  1. 207.938.2179

    Ask for Will. Your Welcome.

  2. You…. found Will???

  3. Seth, on that sciatic nerve thing…. In my experience, you have to pretty much get in a position that’s comfortable and stay there for about 3 days for it to get better. No walking other than to the bathroom and to switch DVDs. It’s sucks, but it’s worth it.

  4. I can’t SIT that still… UGH

  5. It’s different for different people. For some it’s laying flat, for me it was sitting in a recliner. I would feel no pain until I stood up, but it faded a little over 3 days.

  6. that is Will’s home phone number, i got it from his brother luke. call him and catch up. might make u feel betteer