Sleepless in Milo

Can’t sleep… I’m completely exhausted, but my goddamn leg won’t stop hurting….  can’t get to sleep for the life of me.  This sucks….

Between the pain in my leg and my heartache, its a wonder I’ve gotten any sleep at all in the last few weeks 🙁  I just know if I can do it anymore.  Everytime i fall for someone, or trust someone, or even have the slightest faith in someone, I get myself hurt.  My heart’s been broken so many times I think I’ve lost half the pieces…  Whats the point in even trying to put it back together again?

I’ve taken some ibuprofen… hopefully my leg will stop throbbing now.  If not, I hope it falls off and dies so I can get some sleep.  And it can take my cursed heart with it…..

One Response to Sleepless in Milo

  1. Sorry that ur leg is still hurting.