Those bastards.

They cancelled FlashForward!  I can’t believe it!  Granted, it was cancelled last May, but I didn’t realize it till today 🙁  Was looking to see when Season 2 would premiere, only to find out it was cancelled.  I’m sick of this!!  First Jericho, now FlashForward.  All the shows I really get into just don’t seem to make it 🙁  At least with Jericho they FINISHED it, and didn’t leave it hanging completely.  Oh no, they couldn’t be that nice with FlashForward.  It left with a million questions left unanswered… I HATE WHEN THEY DO THAT.

I should just stop watching TV… every good show I find gets cancelled 🙁

One Response to Those bastards.

  1. I loved that show too. SciFi doesn’t seem to do too well lately. Do you watch The Event?