Random Idea

I had a random idea for a web comic come to me the other night.  Remember good old MUD’s from back in the day?  (MUDs were text based computer games, for those of you too young to know).

Now, I’m not very artistic, so you may be asking why the hell I’d do a comic?  Well, it wouldn’t require me to be artistic 🙂  My vision was just of a like an old-style green computer screen with text on it.  Very simple to do…  I just need to come up with some good storylines 🙂

Anyone got any comments on this idea?  Am I completely crazy?  Would anyone read it lol

3 Responses to Random Idea

  1. I remember those! I even played a few. Holy crap I forgot all about them.

  2. Xerox 1880…. everything was DOS based and we thought we were it!!!!