Stumbling block

Started working on the Fitch Genealogy book tonight.  Ran into a sort of issue… Not really sure how to enter Royalty into the system!  I’m on Edward I, King of England…  Here’s what I’ve got so far:

I entered him as Edward I Plantagenet, King of England…  Anyone else know if thats right?  Or should it be different?  I found one similar website that had him listed as such… Plantagenet is his house, and his daughter was Joan Plantagenet, so I guess it works.

6 Responses to Stumbling block

  1. Don’t know right off hand. There must be a guidebook somewhere online on how to annotate it. Congrats and perhaps somewhere in England there’s some land and maybe a castle for you to claim. Cool.

  2. I looked online… I can’t find any guides 🙁

  3. I thought for sure there’d be a guide on the Internet somewhere.

  4. By the grace of God we are English. I would not wish to be of any other heritage. My Howard side is descended from the Duke of Norfolk (whose castle is called Arundel) and Admiral Howard, who with Sir Francis Drake, commended the fleet that defeated the Spanish Armada.

  5. My Mom’s family, Fitch, is connected back to several Kings of England, starting with Edward I, and going back several before him. The genealogy book I have actually links us all the way back to Charlemagne 🙂

  6. Seth….supposedly we’re decended from the Plantagenets as well!!! My mother’s paternal side…..Morrison is the surname. We’ve recently entered into one of those DNA programs that trace your roots (like the show on television). We’re hoping to confirm that, and also find out lots more results.