Plan 42b

Eric and I have come to a conclusion.  We ALWAYS loose against the Protoss/Zerg combo.  We’ve decided to revisit our strategy, and we’re going to attempt Protoss/Zerg.  We’ve tried it a few times, but never did too well.  Tonight we played against some really good players, and saved the game, so we can review it 🙂

After the game, I looked up the two guys we played.  They were both top ranked in the Silver League!  Blew our minds that we were even playing them… We’ve been struggling to stay at the top in the Bronze League for ever now.  Turns out, the two had just started playing together, and were doing their placement matches.  Thats just not right..  They should be playing other Silver League players for their placement, not us!  They’re just too much better at the silly game.