Productive Day

Today was pretty productive.  Finished scanning in the last of the 1967 Town Criers.  They’re uploading as we speak… but its taking forever.  Nights like this I really miss Roadrunner Turbo…  My upload speeds suck.. and these files aren’t small.  Gonna have to leave it uploading all night at this rate.

My Droid upgrade has gone great!  I’m much happier with the new system.  Everything just runs snappier, more options, just overal GREAT!  Only downside was breaking my Authenticator.  Had to scan my driver’s license and send it to Blizzard to get it remove.  Was pretty simple though, sent it in last night, woke up today with a reply from them that it was all taken care of 🙂

On a sadder note, I’m running out of Rescue Me 🙁  Almost finished with Season 5.. Then I’m stuck waiting till July for Season 6 haha.  I think I’m gonna re-watch Jericho next…  I like having a series to watch.  Keeps me entertained…

Think I’ll head to bed after this episode.  Its half over.  Was gonna wait for the Town Criers to finish uploading so I could update the website, but its gonna take half the night.