I’ve ditched iPhoto

Yes folks, you heard it here first.  I’ve ditched an Apple Product.

I did some thinking tonight on how to streamline some of my crap, between my laptop, desktop, and phone.  I realized that online, I use PicasaWeb for my pictures, as its simple, and integrates with my blog.  It is also built right into my Android phone (all praise Google). On my Desktop, I was using iPhoto, as I had been on my laptop before.  I decided to give the Picasa App a try.  WOW!  I like it better than iPhoto. And it makes my overall integration SO much better.

So here’s another hip-hip-hooray for Google!

One Response to I’ve ditched iPhoto

  1. ‘Doh! Found a downside… It won’t run on my laptop. Silly non-Intel processor….