5 Responses to Blah…

  1. Try. A. Dating. Site.

    ..or don’t complain, it is rare that someone is going to just fall in your lap. 😛

  2. Actually Nick is Right, I have a few friends that have found girls on the dating sites.

  3. Avatar kitteninstrings
    kitteninstrings says:

    Volunteer at Conventions. That’s how I meet people. There’s not many up your way, and SnowCon and Bangpop pretty much run themselves, but PortCon is always looking for volunteers, and so are the NH cons.

  4. Every dating site I’ve looked at wants you to pay. I’m BROKE. i cant even afford gas to leave this damn town, which, would help me immensely if i could just get out of this damn place.

  5. plentyoffish.com is free… there are others that are free u have to try them. meow!