We have consensus!!

I’ve contacted all of Llamas in Disguise, and everyone loves the idea of a Podcast!  Now we just need to find a time when everyone is available… Which is going to be a nightmare, I’m sure.  Tom works nights and weekends, so it really limits when we can do stuff 🙁

All Llamas should reply to this post and let me know when you’re actually available… and would prefer to attempt this new madness.

6 Responses to We have consensus!!

  1. Evenings / weekends / whatevs.

    don’t like the captcha word of retrovirus fired :/

  2. Well if you’d register an account on here, you wouldnt see the Captcha 😛

  3. ug like i need another account! :/

  4. I couldn’t tell if this was a password or if wordpress was cursing me out: !X%Oq89rY*6p

  5. You gotta love the auto-generated passwords 🙂

  6. i am able from like 5pm-7 monday through thrus and most weekends afternoons best. i am semi flexable. plus to be honest a 4 man podcast is usualy heavy and clunky. 3 is usualy the max and works. what i mean is that one of us can be out a week or only have 4 once in awhile making the time to have it more flexable.