I hereby surrender.

I don’t wanna get off on a rant here… but its come to my attention its impossible to run a web design business in this state.

I’ve been at this for years, and never really made much headway.  Now I understand why.  One web design company in the state has cornered the market.  ALL FOUR CORNERS.  They’ve got about 600 different domains…  covering every area, every search word, every keyword.  Its absurd!  They’ve even taken about a dozen local businesses out from under me in my own backyard.  Its just impossible to compete… I can’t compete compete with their prices, I’m one man, and it wouldn’t be worth my time.  Its just… absurd 🙁

I’ve decided to put my web design business on the back burner… make it into just a hobby now.  I cant afford advertising and whatnot on the scale these other places can.  It just isn’t worth it…  Its sad, but the truth.  I’m gonna keep my business going, but theres just no point in advertising or making much effort anymore.  Its just… pointless.

But that’s just my opinion… I could be wrong.

One Response to I hereby surrender.

  1. I agree Seth,if someone has already cornered the market there doesnt seem to be a point to it. On the other hand,you will only get back what you put in, hopefully more. Good Luck Friday jobshadowing and just keep at what you are good at and enjoy doing and you shall be rewarded.