I got the job!!

I got the job in Belfast!  I start on Monday. Mom and I are headed down that way right now to look at some apartments. I found an efficiency, one big room for 475 a month. Very affordable! Had found an awesome place in Searsport, cheap with all utils included, but it was already rented lol.

Wish me luck!

12 Responses to I got the job!!

  1. YAY! Awesome! Good Luck!!!!!

  2. Avatar kitteninstrings
    kitteninstrings says:

    Congrats!! ^_^ Glad things are looking up! If I head up there for a shoot later on, I’ll let you know. ^_^

  3. Good luck! Step in the right direction!

  4. That’s great, Seth! Good luck!

  5. Great news, Seth!!! Congratulations!!

  6. That’s wonderful!!! We are all happy for you!

  7. Congratulations and good Luck!!

  8. When’s the house warming party?!

  9. if I could turn back time…