I’m a nerd.

My leg is killing me again tonite… for no apparent reason.  Guess I slept wrong last night, as its been this way since I got up today 🙁  Its not THAT bad, as long as i’m either up and moving constantly (so work isn’t a problem), or laying down.  Doing the TRN however is posing an issue.  I only have one chair to sit on here, and its ridiculously uncomfortable to sit in with my leg like this.

I was going to just put it off, but I’m bored and have nothing else to do lol.  So I’ve decided to be a complete nerd, and lay in bed with my laptop, and control the iMac with remote desktop.  All the stuff for the TRN is on there, and my laptop would just be dirt slow to do it on.  BUT, using it to control the iMac, while completely insane, just may work.

On the plus side, its keeping me entertained.

2 Responses to I’m a nerd.

  1. ha, I did the same thing with my old powerbook when trying to watch … uh … movies in bed. um, maybe you should wash that keyboard…….