Sloppy Day

Started my first full week of work today.  Which promptly became a half-day haha.  Weather was really bad, so they sent us all home.  Strangely enough, I have the shortest drive, as I’m in a motel just down the road 😀

Stupid leg has been killing me all day…  Work wasn’t too bad, as I’m standing and moving around alot.  Its the sitting in one position for too long bit that kills me.  Laying down, is fine.  Which is why I took a nice long nap this afternoon.  It wasn’t PLANNED, but once I found a comfy spot on the bed that my leg didn’t hurt, I just kinda drifted off.  Beds have that effect on me I guess.

Put off doing the newspaper all night… Hurt to sit in the chair.  Finally sucked it up and got it done.  A whopping 6 pages this week haha.  No school news cuz of vacation last week.

Tomorrow I’m gonna work on getting into a good routine.  Planning to scan a bunch of Town Criers to keep myself occupied.  I’m also getting back into watching TV.  I’ve been downloading tv shows for so long it scares me!  Now I got nothing to do at night, so I might as well watch them when they’re on.  Room comes with Cable and Wifi, I love it!  Also finally getting back into watching the Daily Show!  I’ve missed John Stewart.  Think I’m gonna try to stay up just late enough to catch the Late Late Show too, as I truly miss watching Craig Ferguson.  He’s my late night hero!  His show gets over at 1:30, and thats just about when I passed out last night.  Worked out good getting up and such.

OOOHHH!!  Trey Parker and Matt Stone are on the Late Show… I need to pay attention.

One Response to Sloppy Day

  1. Good to hear. Keep it up.