‘Twas a Good Monday

Today was a good day.  Very wet and gloomy, but good none the less.  We only had rain down here all day.  Got a little slick at times, but nothing too horrible.

Got alot done at work today.  Came home, produced this week’s TRN, and scanned my daily quota of 5 Town Criers. Watched the new Stargate Universe!!!  I’ve been waiting so long for it to come back from its mid-season break.  Good episode too!

I’ve spent the last hour or so doing updates and changes here on Sethen.com.  I reorganized my categories, and in the process Wordbooker went insane and started reposting a ton of old posts to Facebook.  I apologize for the mess. (glares evilly at Wordbooker).  I updated the about seth page, the info on the homepage, and setup descriptions for my different categories.  Also made a brand new category for ITE, my new job!

Well, off to bed now.  Hopefully get to see an awesome apartment tomorrow!  Wish me luck.