Last Night in the Motel

Tomorrows the day.  Dad’s coming down with a load of stuff, including a bed, so I can move into my apartment 🙂  I’ll be staying there tomorrow night for the first night.  Hooray!

I’m pretty excited.  Dad’s bringing the essentials down tomorrow, and I’m gonna make a trip or two this weekend to get most everything else (except the big stuff).  Anyone wanna help??

I can’t wait to get settled.  I need to get into a routine.  I’ve tried here in the motel, but its just not happening.  I wanted to be scanning 5 town criers a night, but last night I only did 1.  Night before i did none, and sunday night i did 5.  Just too much on my mind, trying to figure crap out.  Once I get settled I should be able to get back into routine.

Anyways, I’m off to watch TV and pass out.  Wish me luck tomorrow!