Triumphant Day

Last night was my first night in the new apartment.  It went really well!  Its been nearly a year since I got to sleep in my nice big comfy queen size bed 🙂  I’ve missed it so much!!!

Got up early this morning and headed to Milo for a car load of stuff.  Mom and Dad ended up bringing a car load down with me, as Mom really wanted to see the place 🙂  Got my tv, computer stuff, dvds, and bunch of other necessary junk.  I’m exhausted!

Stopped into Best Buy and got myself a new router today.  Cisco Linksys E4200.  The best router money can buy!  I’m going to have an amazing wireless network.  Fastest N speeds known to man.  Now I just need to call Time Warner….

Think I’m gonna head up to Milo again tomorrow and get some more stuff.  Knick-knacks and the like, stuff to go on the walls (they’re pretty bare), things of that nature.  Dad did alot of measuring, and we think we’ve come up with a way for my big desk to fit!  I hope it works out, I’m going to miss it horribly if it isn’t here.  Not sure when that’ll get moved down though.  And my big bookshelves.  I doubt I can talk Dad into another trip down tomorrow haha.  And next weekend is my brothers birthday.  I was already told I’m not allowed to do moving stuff on his birthday, as last year on his birthday was when I had to quickly move back to Milo hahaha.

Anyways…  I’m gonna finish watching Batman and hit the sack.  Peace.