Lazy Afternoon

Playin with linux on my iMac last night, I somehow killed Windows.  Spending my afternoon re-partitioning my hard drive and reinstalling windows and linux.

So far, I got it all partitioned right.  Now I’m finishing up the Windows 7 installation 🙂  Gonna get windows all setup, then I’ll move on to Ubuntu.


5 Responses to Lazy Afternoon

  1. Avatar Anonymous User
    Anonymous User says:

    I thought you fix computers – and you blow them up ! 😛

  2. one of the great things of being a computer fixer upper is blowing things up just to fix them, and you should experiment with xubuntu and kubuntu, maybe you will find something you like more then ubuntu, although i doubt it but its something to do in your free time 😀

  3. What are you doing to poor Betsy?!

  4. And Ubuntu didn’t install right… won’t boot 🙁 silly linux.

  5. Avatar Joe Raymond
    Joe Raymond says:

    Check out Linux Mint, it’s based off Ubuntu but it is much more plug ‘n play. Real slick install. It’s my go-to operating system at home. I’m stuck with XP at work.