Triple-Boot Madness

Ugh.  I got windows all reinstalled, and then I got Ubuntu installed.  Now, I have the option to boot all three when I turn on my iMac. One slight problem…. When I choose Linux, it boots into Windows.  Very frustrated at this point….  I guess I need to go back to the drawing board and reinstall linux AGAIN, or just forget this madness.

It was really just a challenge to see if I could pull it off, the whole triple-boot thing.  I really dont NEED linux on here.  I’ll probably never use it.  And Windows is only here for a handful of games and programs that I can’t run on my mac (mainly MS Publisher and the Fallout games).

So, whats the general consensus?  Should i stop pulling my hair out and scrap Linux, or should I keep trying?

4 Responses to Triple-Boot Madness

  1. Avatar Anonymous User
    Anonymous User says:

    For what it’s worth, I say scrap the Linux if you don’t have it OK by now…unless you are really, really enjoying the misery. 😛

  2. email Rick the Linux guru and maybe he can assist. Why all three, why not just two? Go get a new chair and chill out.

  3. Lol, its fine. Its not a linux issue, its a Mac issue. I’ve got too many partitions or some complex crap like that. I’ll be fine with just MacOS and Windows 🙂

  4. Avatar kitteninstrings
    kitteninstrings says:

    FWiW: I’m quite pro linux, especially if it’s Ubuntu. Though on a Mac it’s essentially pointless. Or you could just get the fall out games for 360. :p