Town Crier Plans

Everyone ready to buckle in for some Math?  Good!

I’ve decided to set a schedule for myself.  I’m going to set a goal of scanning 25 Town Criers in a week. This works out to 5 a day, which is about an hour, hour and a half of scanning (depending on how many pages each issue turns out to be)  This way I can get 50 done in two weeks, which works out to one year in two weeks.  So I can finish a box in about a month, as there have repeatedly been two years in a box 🙂

Everyone still with me?  haha.  I think this setup will help me keep working on this so I don’t fall behind.  I started this project, I don’t wanna stop or it’ll never get finished.


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  1. Avatar kitteninstrings
    kitteninstrings says:

    They stopped printing the Milo Town Crier? When did that happen? an why?