Snow Day

Snow day today!  Great April Fool’s joke by Mother Nature.  She’s laughing at us all somewhere….

Slept in for the first time in ages.  Had a very lazy day.  Went stir crazy mid-afternoon and adventured out for a drive.  Main roads were beautifully clean, side roads not-so-much.  It was a fun adventure!  I made it home in one piece, so nobody needs to worry.

I’ve decided that since I finished a full volume of town criers the other day, I’m taking the weekend off, and I’m gonna start fresh on the next volume on Monday.  This way I can see if I can really do a year in 2 weeks!

Think I’m gonna call it an early night and go chill out in my bedroom and listen to the radio. Maybe I’ll even pick up a book.  Its been an eon since I’ve read…  I’ve got two books here with bookmarks in them, but its been so long I’ll have to start them both over haha.  Downside is I have no idea what I wanna read :-/  Maybe I’ll dwell on that concept tonight and start a book tomorrow.

Night all!