Seth’s Daily Report

Today was such a gorgeous day!!!  I enjoyed every minute outside that I could.  Hung out with Monica and Jess after work.  Met some new people, watched Monica kick ass at pool 🙂

I’m loving my new laptop!  Its so shiny.  It does everything I want it to, and more!  Its really nice to finally have my laptop running at REAL Wireless N speeds.  Not like that crappy PCMCIA card I had in my old laptop.  It was mostly McGuyvered to work anyways.


3 Responses to Seth’s Daily Report

  1. It’s amazing what can be fixed with Duct Tape and a Swiss Army knife.

  2. Yup, it is truly amazing what a roll of duct tape can do. :p

  3. hey atleast it was a form of wireless n but both my new phones have N Built in and ready to go 😀