Pondering a Change

I’m thinking its finally time to do away with DictatorPig as an online name or “presence”. Its a leftover nickname from college, and it really doesn’t make any sense. I’ve always preferred Sethen, but its already taken in alot of places.

I think tomorrow after work, I’m going to sit down and update all my accounts online. Instead of DictatorPig, I’m going to switch to SethenBarden.  Odds are pretty good that isn’t taken anywhere, it gives me my Sethen, and its unique.  I like it.

Look for an announcement at some point to when I get it all straightened out….

2 Responses to Pondering a Change

  1. Could do SethenDB … Not because of your middle /last name, but because we know how much ya enjoy SQL DBs!

  2. Avatar Anonymous User
    Anonymous User says:

    Just let me know what to type !