Work Update

I figure its high time for a work update.

We recently started supporting FireFox at work.  It was a sad, sad day when we found out that IE 7 isn’t supported by the Bangor Daily News website anymore.  We had to either support IE 8, or switch to another browser.  I’m glad we chose FireFox, as IE 8 is just.. well evil.

Today I started working on a massive overhaul of our eBay store template at work.  My HTML skills are usable again!!  I’ll put a link up to it once its finished.  Right now its a work in progress.

As soon as we get some power bricks in at work, I’m going to start building some “Internet Laptops”.  They’re gonna be really simple machines running Ubuntu, strictly for internet use.  We’re gonna sell them cheap!   I’ll post more about that once I get some built.

Thats all for now!