Menu Madness

Awhile back I came up with the brilliant idea of making an overall menu for TRC and TRN and the associated sites.  It was to be similar to the menu on the Bangor Daily News, and similar to the admin menu on my wordpress here (only I can see it, don’t try to look for it).

Well, upon investigating into how to make such a menu by de-coding the BDN site, I discovered that they’re just as evil as me.  That menu on the BDN? (if you haven’t seen it, go look).  Its decoded from the same WordPress menu here on my site.  They did just like I was doing, backwards engineering it from another source!!  I’m shocked.  But also frustrated.  I started out trying to use the WordPress one, but its far too complex and built in from the ground up into WordPress.  Either that, or I’m just too lazy to figure out how to make it work properly.  And trying to backwards engineer it from the BDN is just as complex, as theirs is built from the same madness.

Back to the drawing board.  Or might just scrap the whole project.

One Response to Menu Madness

  1. My vote is for scrap it. The fly outs are working well. Maybe it’s a sign – like Val’s broken mops – saying, “Enough.”
    How you standing the tropical storm ? So far we’re golden here…and hoping to continue the same.