The first step towards insanity

Halloween 2011 (Mike got me a pirate bandana in Bermuda!)

Insanity is a fun place.  I like to vacation there from time to time.  It has recently come to my attention, that I have been away for too long. A month or two back, I started some discussions with my good friend Jeremy/Remy/JJ/Jage/Whatever about a massive update / overhaul to the TRC Website.  Since then, I’ve been too dang busy to really put any thought into it.

<dramatic pause>

Until now. (this is where the insanity comes in)

I started thinking about this project again today.  Its something that really needs to be done, quite honestly. TRC was designed over 10 years ago, and since then its only had some minor updates, additions nailed onto the side, and a few new coats of paint.  We once attempted to rebuild it from the ground up. Well, we DID, but it didn’t look any different.  We kept the same look, just cleaned up all the code, which was still outdated.  Now, the site is horribly old, clunky, and outdated.  It needs more than just a facelift.

So, we’re going to do some stuff.  There is a lot in the works. I can’t even figure out how much quite yet, but its staggering.  Right now, I have one major dilemma staring me down.  Separate domains or sub-domains.  Right now, we got several domains.,,, and  We’re already looking at one new domain.  Isn’t it shiny?  My dilemma is whether to keep all the separate domains, or just move them to say,, so on and so forth.

Opinions?  Please?

And yes, its a completely unrelated photo.