What TV shows am I watching?

Out of a spat of pure boredom while sitting in front of my television, I’ve decided to write about the TV shows I’m watching currently.

2 Broke Girls
I love this show!  Its new this fall, and its so hilarious.  The two actresses on it have me in stitches all the time 🙂

Two and a Half Men
Yeah, I’m still watching this.  I had to see what they did after killing of Charlie, and its not all that horrible.  They’ve turned Allen into such a running gag, it makes me laugh.

The Big Bang Theory
I’m a geek/nerd, I knowingly admit this.  Its why I watch this show 🙂  And for the record, I want the LEGO Death Star Sheldon was building in one episode.

Last Man Standing
I checked this out simply cuz I like Tim Allen.  Its not too bad!  Imagine “Home Improvement”, but with three daughters instead of sons.  Its kinda like that.  But not quite.  Still, its entertaining.  Check it out if you like Tim Allen.

The Walking Dead
WHY IS THE SEASON HALF OVER?!  I love this show!  It just keeps getting better and better.  WATCH IT!!

The Middle
This show reminds of my childhood sometimes.  Its more like a REAL family in a sitcom, kinda like Roseanne was back in the day.  Yes, that made me sound old.

Modern Family
This show ALWAYS makes me laugh.  Just the odd combinations of families that it portrays is great 🙂  And I’m glad Ed O’Neill is back on TV.